Senin, 22 April 2013


For me, this semester is so difficult. Cause why? I lost one my mood booster, my superhero.. My daddy. I just can think, God have the best plan for me, for my family. I believe it. He never give hard temptation if his people can't leave that, and I never to yield to temptation. God with me, with my heart, with my soul. Always.
So, what I do? I do what I want. But, I feel not better. Feel down. At my mid semester fourth some months ago, I can't concentration. Some books that I read, I can't remember. An exact scienes like mathematics, physics, and chemistry.. I can't do the best answer like mid semester three. Again, I lost my concentration.
For my mommy and my superhero dad.. I'm sorry.. I can't do the best at this exam. Really sorry.

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